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Living with Lyme Disease?

Reduce the overall stress load on the body, and allow your body the freedom to heal itself with proven sound technology introducing the AmpCoil.

Detects stress indicators needing neutralized and balanced with voice analysis
Pinpoints what the body is asking for and provides harmonizing signature patterns
Reduce stress and manage pain associated with Lyme Disease
Nourishes organs - organ support
Permeates cells and crosses the blood-brain barrier (microbes cannot hide)
Neutralizes microbes, metals and toxins
The body quickly begins to return to the balanced state nature intended

A very common problem with Lyme disease is chronic pain.

Implementing PEMF sessions on a regular basis can manage the pain associated with Lyme disease.  With biofeedback voice analysis built right into the app, you receive customized frequencies based on the signals coming from your body, which address Lyme and co-infections.

When parts of your body become stressed or diseased, they no longer produce the correct sound waves.  In other words, your body is not vibrating at its optimal resonant frequency.  By introducing the tones of healthy organs, minerals, nutrients, electrolytes, enzymes, flora, etc. back into the body, you can relax knowing that the rejuvenation and restoration process is underway.

Many people with Lyme disease can become dependent on narcotics for pain management.  Unfortunately, narcotics can be addictive.  In the long run, this may be more harmful to the individual.  PEMFs not only help with pain but also address the underlying causes of pain in the body.

Specializing in Lyme Disease Solutions

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