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Lynnelle Wampler, Certified Biofeedback Specialist

Lynnelle Wampler is certified as a Biofeedback Specialist through the Natural Therapies Certification Board with specialized training in Lyme Disease protocols.

Lynnelle's passion for health and nutrition stems from a personal experience with Lyme Disease. Her symptoms were severe muscle pain, joint pain, debilitating chronic fatigue, vision disturbances, neurological disturbances, heart palpations, tremors, etc. After 5 years of X-rays, MRI's, CAT scans, blood tests and diagnostic procedures, she was told that they knew something was wrong, but they didn't know what it was. Eventually, she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. At that point, conventional medicine provided little relief, and the symptoms kept getting worse. Finally, she was introduced to EPR Biofeedback and found relief from her symptoms through physiological stress reduction programs available on the device.

Lynnelle has been practicing biofeedback for the past ten years. She understands first-hand how debilitating auto-immune diseases can be. She has heartfelt compassion for people and animals suffering or in pain and wants to do her part in helping others by giving back to society. She believes that biofeedback is a wonderful tool that can be used in conjunction with nutrition and education to allow the body to do its job optimally.

Lynnelle is also a horse trainer. She has been training professionally for the past 15 years. She has used biofeedback on her horses and on client's horses with amazing results. Most of us are aware of the effects that stress has on the human body, but sometimes don't take into account the amount of stress we are putting on our animals physically and mentally. A horse's performance can be greatly enhanced by stress reduction and muscle retraining programs.

Biofeedback stress reduction and muscle retraining programs can gently and non-invasively enhance quality of life and performance in both human and animal clients.

Specializing in Lyme Disease Solutions

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